May 15-Mid June

The transition period between the trophys and the schoolies . During this period we still search for the Chubbys  however we can keep smaller fish as well. 

Big Black drum usually enter our waters around May 20th however they dont stay to long.

May May 15th

The "Chubbys" are in

town . We fish our 28 rod spread in search of the big boys.

Fishing Seasons

August- September 

Bottom fishing for spot and Perch. 

We target Cobia, Bluefish and spanish mackeral during these 2 prime months .  

June 1

We offer Tuna and other offshore fishing trips based out of Virgina Beach . Up to 6 Passengers 12 hours 

​​​​​​​​​​Chubby Chaser Charters

​​​​​November- December 31st

We play this time of year by ear. sometimes the big fish bite moves between middle bay and lower bay. Dont be suprised to see us migrate to Pt lookout in Ridge , MD To keep our customers on the fish. This is when most 50 plus # Stripers are caught.

​If it swims in the Chesapeake Bay Captain Dan likes to catch it. If your unsure Give Captain Dan a ring and see whats biting.